A study in Yellow with a few notes of Passion

I clearly remember how difficult it was to draw 'J's and 'I's when I learned how to write, how the 'a's legs would curl and how my lines would - in a very annoying way - always go up... I remember learning how to write but I have no memory of learning how to read. No one taught me. I always knew how to put letters together and... well, read! Although there were lots of books at home whilst I grew up, my parents made no special encouragement regarding that matter. At least not more than to music or sports, in which I mostly suck. I became a compulsive reader by myself. There's no food, sleep or cold when I read. The world, really, doesn't matter anymore. It's me and my book. It's quite obsessive. With the years my love for the printed paper hasn't decreased but I've learned a book can't always replace food, sleep or a blanket... Not surprisingly, I'm addicted to cookbooks. And to cookbook editors like Marabout, my all time favourite. After my french parisian getaway, I've been cooking a lot from those books. I have madeleines and clafoutis to blog about for a long time. Let's get started with!

Curd Cheese Clafoutis with Cherry Tomatoes
Inspiration from Isabel Brancq-Lepage, Flans, fars et clafoutis, Marabout.

4 eggs
200 ml whipping cream
100 ml milk
100 g curd cheese, crumbled
50 g flour, sifted
1/4 cup chives, chopped
12 Cherry tomatoes
salt and pepper, to taste

Preheat the oven to 180°C.

In a medium bowl, whisk together the eggs, whipping cream and crumbled curd cheese. Add in the sifted flour, mixing continuously. Pour in the milk, and whisk until combined. Mix in the chopped chives. Season with pepper and a pinch of salt (depending on how salty the curd cheese you're using is). Place the tomatoes evenly into a greased heatproof plate. Pour the bater, carefully not to disturb the tomatoes. Bake for 25 minutes or until cook through. Serve immediately, as a side dish or with a green salad.

Just a little housekeeping: I was tagged twice by sweet Gretchen and lovely Louise. Promise I'll do it this week, girls! :) Marye at Baking Delights featured my hidden chocolate tarts at her blog. Thanks Marye! She's looking for a new tag line for Baking Delights, and holding a great contest. Do check it out!


Megan said...

I'm wishing a had a plate full of
clafoutis right now this morning. It looks darn good! Thanks for entering my contest. I put a ticket in the hat for you. This has been a fun way to meet new people and check out some new blogs. My husbands family was from
Portugal so how fun to find your blog.

Gretchen Noelle said...

I really need to get on this clafoutis bandwagon. I had never heard of it until recently and every one I see, including this one, look great. What do you consider curd cheese?

Can't wait to hear a bit more about you!

joey said...

I'm with Gretchen...I need to make a clafoutis soon! Have heard so much about it but is was never really part of my growing-up :)

Also echoing Gretchen...what can I use for curd cheese?

Suzana said...

Megan, it's a small world, indeed!

Gretchen & Joey, clafoutis are dead simple to make and so tasty. Re: curd cheese - I used a portuguese cheese called 'requeijão'. I'd suggest cottage cheese or similar. I'll post another recipe with cougettes and feta cheese. ;)