HHDD#20 - the Roundup!

I'm sorry it took so long to post the Roundup. It's being hectic with the end of the school year, my weekend in Paris approaching and my (working) trip to east Europe. But wait no more! Ready for the fun? I hope you all had a great time with the theme I chose for this edition of Hay, Hay, it's Donna Day, because I did! Choux pastry can be tricky, and I knew choosing Choux could be a little scary for some of you. But, as I hoped, you rose to the occasion with some great creations, and made me a very happy host!! Thank you all for taking part of this event.


I want to start the roundup with mastermind and creator of HHDD, Barbara of WinosandFoodies made some lovely Green Tea Choux Pacman for Donna. She thought the choux looked like little pacman, but I always found the little ghosts to look more cute than scary, and I think the same about the choux. Just adorable!

From New Zealand, Arfi Binsted of HomeMadeS sent delicious looking Gougères, flavoured with raclette cheese and Italian parsley, and sprinkled with ground smoked paprika. Definitely the right appetizer for any occasion. Yum!

Talida from Talida Bakes sent these good looking Matcha Profiteroles from New York. The green tea is such a clever addition to the choux pastry, and I would be more than happy with a cream puff that not only is light but also tastes light!

From sunny Aix en Provence, France, Dhanggit of Dhanggit's Kitchen joined with a delightful creation: Profiteroles in lychee ice-cream with cherry chocolate sauce! Does that sounds great or what?? Not to mention the lovely photos that make you want to lick your computer screen.

Y of Lemonpi from Sydney, Australia (Oh one day, I'll make it there!) made another great Gougères. If you're like me, you never have enough of these beauties! plus, Y added the most fitting soundtrack to go along: To build a home, by The Cinematic Orchestra. Perfect!

From Spain, Tartasacher of Mil Postres brought an awesome classic with choux pastry: Cake Saint Honoré. The cake is named after St. Honore, the patron of bakers, and it's a must for any baker. I'm yet to try it myself... Great entry to celebrate choux and bakers in May, since the 16th of May is St. Honore day!

Fellow Portuguese pastry chef Rita from Clumbsy Cookie joined with a pair of adorable Choux Shoe! Made me sing "these boots are made to walk", and think these shoes have to be great to bite!

From Victoria, Australia, Pam of Backyard Pizzeria sent her delightful version of Chantilly Cream Puffs. She made the most beautiful, not even a bit tacky, Chantilly Swans. Wow!

Lisa of Spicy Ice Cream from Sydney, Australia added the luscious Chocolate and Ginger Profiteroles to try something new. Did I just write Ginger?? Ginger and Chocolate has to be delicious with choux pastry... I love the idea!

From dreamy Thailand, Bordeaux of Marita Says served Thai-inspired Profiteroles. Kaffir lime, Thai iced tea and Pandanus make the most amazing collection of local favorites that I'm dead curious about. The Thai Profiteroles not only sound great but also look great, and beautifully photographed. What else can I say? I’d been hoping for creative recipes, and this certainly fits the bill!

Chichajo of my favourite blog 80 Breakfasts joins from hot Manila, Philippines. What's better than chocolate? Double Chocolate, of course!! Joey sent over the one and only Donna Hay's Double Chocolate Choux. Double cool!

From Auckland, New Zealand (another place I'm yet to know), Tammy of Wee Treats by Tammy made simple gruyere gougeres simply perfect for nibbles to go with drinks to welcome some friends. I’m sure they loved it! Looks great!

Angela W of A Spoonful of Sugar from Bristol, UK offered the most fitting Profiteroles Alla Gelato Di Fragole All'Aceto Balsamico (or Profiteroles with Strawberry-Balsamic gelato) to welcome British summer. Strawberries & Cream are synonymous of Wimbledon for me, and Profiteroles with Strawberry-Balsamic gelato sound equally appealing now that the major tennis championships are almost here!

From Utah, USA, Holly of Phe/MOM/enon made spectacular Choux Funnel Cakes. Doesn’t it sound funny and like something you’d like to try? And don't they look stunning? The low is the cakes really aren't figure-friendly but who cares, right?

New York based Alexandra of Addicted Sweet Tooth surprised me with her lovely photos of perfectly adorable Cream puffs. Alexandra showed how pastry choux versatility can be truly yummy in its simplicity!

Melody of Fruit Tart played with choux pastry to 'choux' us some really cool stuff. Look at the awesome Chocolate Cream Puffs the perfect ice cream cookie sandwiches! She also made another version to combine white chocolate mousse leftovers (daring baker on board!!), and created a nice little package with some drippings on top!

From The Netherlands, Linda of make life sweeter! (isn't that an amazing title??), sent over some pretty Éclairs with lavender white chocolate mousse that Linda thought tasted a bit like soap due to a very strong lavender extract. The lavender lover I am bookmarked the recipe for further use. Wish I thought of that before!

Over from Australia, Ellie of Kitchen Wench made a break from her new hobby of crocheting to bake a batch of Sugary-Almond Mocha Profiteroles to join us. I am so glad Ellie chose to join the fun with this event, sharing her beautifully photographed Profiteroles!

Rachel of Fairy Cake Heaven is based in Ireland, and shared Choux filled with Orange Honey Cream and Cardamom Icing. The photo may not do it justice but the thought Orange, Honey and Cardamom makes me want to have at least a couple of those choux. It has to be delicious!

From San Francisco, Denise & Lenny of Chez US made lovely Sweet Choux to add to this event. The sugar pearls give the right classy touch to a simple classic. Love it!

And last but (not at all the) least, Bron Marshall the fantastic caretaker of HHDD offered beautiful Snow Choux, together with the most fitting wintertime and awesome snow photos. Not to miss for nothing in this world!

And that's it! Thank you so much for sharing and making my first-ever event so enjoyable!

Voting begins today, June 16th, and runs until midnight (GMT) on Monday June 23rd. Email your choice to me at gourmetsamadores [at] gmail [dot] com before the deadline. Participants only. The winner will be announced shortly after, depending on how it goes with my trip since I'll be on the move from Paris to a city in East Europe*.

*The reason of all the fuss about where I'm going is because I want to play a little guessing game with you. More on that later! ;)


Angela said...

I think (and hope) that you meant to say that the strawberry-balsamic gelato choux sound appealing rather than appalling :)

Thanks for the great round-up, Suzanna! Hopefully I'll manage to visit everyone's entries tomorrow.

tartasacher said...
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tartasacher said...

Hola Suzana:
Maravillosa esta ronda sobre las elaboraciones con pasta choux. Ahora es preciso votar la que uno cree mejor. Menos la propia ¿no?. Me aclaras y votaré.
Son todas exquisitas y preciosas. Gracias y besos.

Suzana said...

Oh my, I badly need to get some sleep! Indeed appealing was the word I was looking for! Angela, so sorry for the typo. Just corrected that. :)

Tartasacher, si... creo que cada uno tendrá que votar en la entrada que cree mejor, sin contar la propria. ;)

Barbara said...

Fabulous round up Suzana. Great job. I'll read them all before I vote.

Bron said...

Super (chouxper?) roundup Suzana, they all look so good, who to pick?

ChichaJo said...

Fantastic round up Suzana! Everything looks yummy and I can't wait to start reading and bookmarking :) This is going to be a tough choice!

Dhanggit said...

Kudos to you Suzana!! i had so much fun!! all entries are truly mouth watering :-)

btw, i know you're quite tight this week so goodluck sweetie :-)

tartasacher said...

De acuerdo Suzana:

Eso pensaba yo, porque es lo correcto. Bien ahora pues a elegir y te enviaré el email con mi voto. Gracias y besos miles

talida said...

they all look so great!

Clumbsy Cookie said...

Tantas ideias com choux! Dá vontade de fazer uma grande panelona de choux e começar numa ponta e fazer as recitas todas! Great roundup (tentei encontrar tradução para roudup mas não me ocurreu nada...)!
Vou visitar virtualmente os participantes e depois voto.
Boa viagem para onde quer que vás!

PheMom said...

Fabulous job on the roundup! Now I'm off to check out everyone's incredible creations! Thanks again for a great event!

Gourmet Traveller said...

Found you through 80 breakfasts - great blog! Love the photos and the mystery quiz....so, where are you going? Is it Czechoslovakia?