Where am I going?

I hate to pack and unpack my bag but I love to leave and to come back... It's my way of finding balance in my trips - I'm happy to travel and always happy to get back home. Mr. Henry Miller used to say: One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. A working trip will take me to a country I've never been to. I'm looking forward to meet my colleagues, and anxious about how it will go. But of course I'm willing to know a new city, and taste new food!

As you will miss me terribly (won't you?), I'm starting a little game. So... here's the deal: I'll provide 5 clues about where I'm heading for, and you just have to post a comment here with the right answer. A randomly selected winner from those who guessed right gets a food related little something from my destination.

Ok? Good. Now on to the clues.

The country I'm going to:

1. Shares land borders with 4 other countries;
2. Uses the Latin alphabet in its official language;
3. Has a national cuisine that shows a strong Austro-Hungarian influence;
4. Offers braided loaves with different stuffings (such as meat or vegetables) as most popular foods;
5. Has a tiny strip of seacoast on the Adriatic.

Extra clue is the national team hasn't qualify to Euro 2008 football championships. Does it help? ;-) Portugal is playing Germany next... heck! Força Portugal!

Where am I going?

I'm off to Paris for the week-end, and to mystery country next week. You'll hear from me by the end of next week... na svidenje !


talida said...

Are you going to Slovenia? Have a great trip!

Clumbsy Cookie said...

Eu também voto na Eslovénia! Que sorte! Eu já vi imensos panfletos turisticos e acho que deve ser um apís lindo! Então boa viagem, come muito e trás boas ideias! Aproveita também Paris!

Fuji Mama said...

Slovenia? If you are, you will love it! It's a wonderful place!

Dhanggit said...

you are heading to slovenia?? i've never been there :-) have fun dear!!

Aparna said...

It must be Slovenia. Have a great time.

Tartelette said...

I was going to say like the others...I am sorry I could not participate in HHDD this month but it's been hectic here too, and I mailed you the extract but it got sent back to me, no explanations...so I will try again and hopefully you will have it when you return. Have a safe trip!

Angela said...

Solvenia? Wonderfully scenic countryside, but I know absolutely nothing about the cuisine.

Have a great trip!

Jackie said...

Solvenia? Sounds fascinating - have a great trip and bring back lots of food adventures! :)

Odete said...

Slovenia? I have been there and had great time in Ljubljana. Enjoy your trip and the food there.

Sweet Tooth said...

I also have to say Slovenia. We have a small puzzle from all of Europe that my Mom gave me when we moved to the USA. My daughter just put it together so it was very easy to check about the strip of coast and the bordering countries. Enjoy the time there!