Café noir?

The coffee addicted in me feels at home when the familiar smell arrives at the table, the bitterness tastes like honey and the caffeine kicks in. I don't need sugar or chocolate or two plates and a napkin - I just need coffee. But in Paris every petit noir is a little production in itself. The beautiful cup above was served after a delicious lunch at a restaurant we went to for the first time. But before I get to lovely Bergamote let me tell you that in Paris coffee is overpriced. Way overpriced! French café au lait is equally expensive. At least is very good and easy to get.

The Bergamote was a pleasant surprise - located in Boulevard Saint Germain, just a few steps away from Mabillon metro station, this small restaurant is a well kept jewel for those who love fresh herbs. Every dish comes with a symphony of flavours only available by the smart use of thyme, cilantro or basil and some light presence of spices. We had lunch and our last dinner in Paris at the Bergamote. They have several menus (also available in english), plus an extra plat du jour every evening and noon. I can fully recommend the place: food's delicious, service is very nice and the room is really cosy. And to think that before Bergamote's I didn't care a thing about Créme Brulée!

8, Rue Montfaucon, Paris


Anonymous said...

That picture! The second one down and to the left..that looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

yes please to the hot chocolate! yummy!

Dhanggit said...

this sounds a great place to try in paris!! lovely photos as usual!!

Kate / Kajal said...

the creme brulee looks fantastic !

Ann said...

Beautiful photos!