I have a crush on Christian Constant. A culinary crush, of course! Chef Constant is the bright mind behind haute cuisine restaurant Le Violon d'Ingres, the brand new concept of Les Cocottes and my beloved Café Constant. Though I know exactly what my meal was (saumon froid and a more than memorable fig tart), I don't remember anymore how I got to Café Constant for the first time. Christian Constant's idea of serving classic yet affordable French cuisine in a neighbourhood bistro made me know his food before I could even know his story. When I got to know more about Chef Constant brilliant career, I was thrilled at his easy, yet sophisticated cuisine. In our trip to Paris, I took "Ma cuisine au quotidien" for him to sign but never got the guts to ask. Guess I'll have to come back!

Why is Café Constant my favourite? Packed most times, Café Constant is a bistro with an eclectic ambiance - elder regulars, french habitués just passing by for a glass of wine, young couples, families or (lucky) tourists like us - Café Constant is good comforting food rather than anything fancy. We had dinner there twice: both perfect. The menu written up on blackboards was kindly explained to us by a portuguese boy who works there. We remembered his face from our first time, a couple of years ago - he was more than suspicious when we ask him if he could speak portuguese!! Merci R. and all the staff!

my perfect meal

Café Constant
139, rue Saint-Dominique, 7th

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Dhanggit said...

im totally smitten!! specially the last photo, i cant get it out of my head..that makes us two now :-)