Paris, je t'aime!

Here I am, back from an awesome trip to sunny Paris!

Paris was one of the last European capitals I visited - it took me 30 years of life to get there. When I went for the first time (a little over a couple of years ago), my expectations were fairly low. And then I fell in love. It was a mature, grown up kind of love, as if it was meant to be since always. I went back a few months later, only to find out more and more things to love about Paris. Food was one of them - markets, food shops, pâtisseries, boulangeries, restaurants... Paris is heaven on Earth for any food-obsessed person! This trip was great in that department. We had wonderful meals in old and new places. Oh how I love Paris!

More to follow on my favourite bistrot parisien and a lovely finding. À toute à l'heure!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful! I hope you have lots of pictures to share :)

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip! It is strange, but I have never really felt much about Paris, until recently, now I am dying to get there!

Kate / Kajal said...

glad to have you back. Cant wait to hear your stories and see ur pics !!!

Bordeaux said...

Oh my, the pictures look delicious! Can't wait to hear more. My experience of Paris was not very pleasant, it came at the end of a very rushed European tour in high school (never doing that again). But your pictures and talk of food makes me want to go back and explore again!