Beautiful Slovenija!

Bled, Slovenia

Perhaps what makes something special are tiny little things like a smile or a good laugh. Or big things like a stunning view of a waterfall from a cliff or a quite big lake in a very hot afternoon. Once we shared one of those, a special link is created. One day, I will remember Bled's Lake [above] or the Open Theater [right, last set of 2 pictures] as lovely places but today both are just small parts of a bigger picture of a beautiful country with beautiful people.


My working trip was planned a long time ago under a strategic plan that was designed to enhance international connections. This destination was decided because it filled the criteria. It wasn't a traveling destination, my expectations had little to do with the country itself... I just wanted our meetings to be fruitful for everybody.


Maybe that's the reason why the small beautiful beloved Ljubljana, the mountains and the amazing forests had me from the first moment. Or perhaps it's because we've been spoiled by the lovely people we had the privilege to deal with, and will never forget their generosity and kindness. Hvala!


Either way, I feel moved by the experience, and hope to be back in the (near) future. I miss Slovenia!

Ljubljana, Slovenia

You were all right about my destination! Brilliant! Talida and Clumbsy Cookie please email me your address so I can send you a little something from Slovenia. ;)

Stay tunned, I'll post a most memorable meal in the mountains, and a traditional "moving" cake very soon.


Clumbsy Cookie said...

Não acredito! A sério que não acredito, acho que estou mesmo em maré de sorte! Obrigada querida Suzana! Vou-te "emailar" em seguida.
As fotos são brilhantes, dá vontade de visitar. Fico contente que tenha corrido bem e que tenhas gostado! Um beijinho!

ChichaJo said...

Such beautiful photos Suzana! It's no wonder that you fell in love with the place...especially since as you mentioned the people are just as lovely :)

Dhanggit said...

Welcome back Suzana!! I love all your photos, i felt like you just brought a piece of slovenia in my living room :-)

talida said...

Slovenia looks beautiful! And how exciting to receive something from you :) Thanks so much for sharing your trip with us.