Beloved Ljubljana


Small is beautiful. After a hectic week-end in Paris - where everybody seemed to be in the street to celebrate the June solstice, Ljubljana was a relaxing and very interesting place to stay afterwards with its rich culture and historical legacy. Ljubljana is a beautiful mixture of Renaissance, Art Nouveau and modern Baroque architecture, built up across the Ljubljanica River and its surroundings. The main responsible person for the beauty of Ljubljana's architecture is Jože Plečnik, also known as the master of Prague.

Ljubljana's Library

Ljubljana (loo-bli-ana) translates into English as 'beloved', which could not be more appropriate to such an appealing city. A Slovenian proverb says that A heart with no words is better than words with no heart. Perhaps that's why I can't find the right words to express how special Ljubljana is for me, and how I will keep it in my heart...

But it's not only the architecture that impresses. Food (after all this is a food blog!) also deserves a note. Let's start with the traditional Slovenian dessert.

Prekmurska gibanica

Originally from the Prekmurje region (the eastern part of the country), Prekmurje Gibanica has become a popular dessert throughout Slovenia. It's made of several layers of Phyllo pastry alternating with cottage cheese, poppy seed, raisin, walnut and apple filling. Gibanica (ghee-bah-nee-tsa) draws great attention not only for its several layers and mixed flavours but mostly because its English translation is... “moving-cake”! This is a very funny name for a cake, and it made me laugh when I first heard it. How cool is a dessert called the moving cake?

Ljubljana's River


Clumbsy Cookie said...

Suzana as fotos são lindas e as tuas descrições estão-me a aguçar a vontade de visitar essa cidade. Espero que tenhas conseguido a receita desse "bolo que se mexe"! Eu comi uma coisa muito parecida na Hungria, o queijo cottage e sementes de papoila são muito comuns por esses lados.
As janelas da 1ª foto são o máximo!

Lore said...

Oh how beautiful! I live quite close to Slovenia but never once traveled there. Hope I will someday. As for the dessert I think it is quite similar to more Eastern European desserts. Delish!

Kate / Kajal said...

i wonder why it translates into 'moving cake" .... what did it move to get such a name :P
Its does sound divine though, and also i love the picture of the canal .... really nice.

Susan from Food Blogga said...

Moving cake? I've gotta think about that one. ;) Lovely shots, especially of the canal with the shimmering water.